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At our core, we prioritize women. Our mission is to challenge traditional antidepressants by providing tailored solutions for mood disorders, offering renewed hope and effective care designed specifically for women.

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Female Focused Medicine

Felicity Pharma is a biotech company focused on drug development for the treatment of mood disorders in women.

We are passionate about changing the paradigm when it comes to women and their medical needs and we put women first.

We create real solutions for women with mood disorders by disrupting antidepressant markets.

We are working with novel compounds to create solutions for various female-specific disorders.

Data Driven

We are using the leading molecular AI technology to reduce Drug Development timelines.

Female Focused

Female’s want and deserve products that are created to be gender specific.

Novel Therapeutics

We bring new solutions, creative thinking, and novel therapeutics to solve these issues.

Paradigm Shift

Felicity Pharma is disrupting the existing antidepressant markets.

The global antidepressant market is set to reach $21.28 billion by 2025. We want to shift towards a more beneficial solution for those in need.

We aim to elevate women’s health and autonomy, with

Felicity Pharma’s novel medicines, all rooted in evidence-based medicine.

By developing targeted female therapeutics, we address the unmet medical needs of women with hormone-related mood disorders, overlooked by modern medicine.

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Mood Disorders

Cyclical changes in estrogen, progesterone and other hormones can disrupt the function of brain chemicals such as serotonin that control mood. While these changes are normal, some hormonal fluctuations increase the risk of developing severe and disabling forms of depression during a woman’s lifetime.

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“Women’s mental health across their reproductive life cycle”

Women want and deserve products that are created to be gender specific and Female’s want and deserve products that are created to be gender specific. Women are underserved in the current healthcare market.

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