Psychedelics and Women’s Health – What We DON’T Know

Psychedelics and Women’s Health – What We DON’T Know

In today’s interview, we sit down with the CEO of Felicity Pharma, Olivia Mannix, who makes it her mission to destigmatize plant medicines.

00:00- Intro, how Olivia entered the psychedelics space, and the philosophy of Felicity
1:53- How are women’s health needs unique from mens’?
4:09- Women empowerment in the psychedelics space
5:18- Is the psychedelics message reaching women?
6:47- What does the future hold for Felicity?

Felicity Pharma is a drug development company focused on women’s needs. Specifically, they are working on mood disorders and chronic pain.

For chronic pain, studies have shown that psychedelic medicines can help. As many women suffer women-specific bodily pain, creating women-specific medications is important.

When it comes to which psychedelics are being studied, Felicity is working with psilocybin and MDMA, and aims to create new versions of these psychedelics.

Why is Felicity focussed specifically on women’s needs? Well, there hasn’t been enough focus on women when it comes to clinical trials. This is because women often have more variables than men, such as their menstrual cycles and menopause. This has led to there being less effective drugs for women than men. This needs to change, and Felicity aims to be part of the charge.

Felicity sees themselves reaching clinical trials soon, and will possibly partner with other psychedelics companies.


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