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Olivia Mannix, Founder and CEO of Felicity Pharma

Why are Female-Focused Therapeutics So Important?: Mindshifting Moments #13

This week on The Green Rush, Anne Donohoe and Nick Opich are back with a new episode with Olivia Mannix, Founder and CEO of Felicity Pharma, a biotech company focused on drug development for the treatment of mood disorders in women, working with novel compounds to create solutions for various female-specific disorders.

After founding one of the first ancillary cannabis marketing companies Cannabrand in 2013, Olivia pivoted to the psychedelics industry in 2020 with a focus on utilizing psychedelic compounds to develop targeted female therapeutics and address the unmet medical needs of women with hormone-related mood disorders, overlooked by modern medicine.

In this episode our hosts chat with Olivia about her entry into the psychedelic space, where Felicity Pharma is at with its current research and funding to date as well as the appalling lack of inclusion women face in the drug development process. In addition, this episode covers breaking the stigma and fears around psychedelics for new patients and the unique biological factors that come into play when researching and testing drugs specifically targeted at women.

So sit back and enjoy our conversation with Olivia Mannix of Felicity Pharma. 

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This episode was hosted by Anne Donohoe and Nick Opich of KCSA Strategic Communications. 

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